Member Testimonials

Here you’ll find some testimonials from our members. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Lauren Nowakowski
Majors: Sales and Business Marketing, Management
Minors: General Business, Business Analytics

“I joined the Management Student Organization as a Freshman at WMU. The first meeting, I was asked to be an  executive board member. After working my way up, I became President. This organization is so beneficial for students not just in management, but in business in general. There are so many networking opportunities with students and employers. We have added company retreats for each semester, and they will allow students to network with companies right in the business environment. This organization has helped me become a better leader, interviewer, and become a better business professional. I would recommend it to any business major or minor that wants to work on developing themselves.”



Joseph  Haiduc
Major: Management
Minors: General Business and Marketing

“I am currently a junior and expected to graduate in April 2018. I have previous experience working in management as a supervisor for Roush Industries. I transferred to WMU after two years at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI. I joined MSO to become more involved on campus and because it pertained to my management major. After joining MSO, I quickly regretted not joining my first year at WMU and waiting until my second year to do so. MSO offers so many different opportunities to expand my professional network through the events that are held with guest speakers from different companies in the greater Kalamazoo area. Not only does it give the opportunity to expand my professional network through these events, but I also am learning so many valuable skills that are applicable to any business major. MSO also gives me the chance to meet some really great people that are already members of the organization!”



Jacob Elwell
Majors:  Sales and Business Marketing, Management

“I joined MSO for two reasons. One to get involved and be engaged with the RSO’s in Haworth. Most importantly though, I wanted to learn leadership and management skills that I wouldn’t learn in a classroom. This organization helped me with that. They bring in great speakers who have real life experience and are really passionate about the subject. They also have tools and workshops that will put you in that position of being successful.”



Jacob Haynes
Majors: Finance, Accounting

“My name is Jacob Haynes and I am a junior at Western Michigan University working towards a dual major in Finance and Accounting. I joined the Management Student Organization to strengthen my leadership and management skills. I also joined to take advantage of all the beneficial networking opportunities MSO offers to our members. I would highly recommend this Organization to any students looking to hold a leadership position in their career.”



Tim Johnson
Major: Management

“I am a senior studying Business Management at WMU. Upon graduation, I hope to find a position in a company that values leadership and offers internal advancement for new candidates. I joined Management Student Organization as a general member in the Fall of 2017. At the second meeting, I expressed my interest in the role of MSO Representative to the Western Student Association (WSA). My interest in this role was characterized by the opportunity to get involved in a unique way on campus and to hear about all the exciting new things that WMU does. Being a part of MSO has enabled me to also be a Senator on the Legislative council at the WSA, which is a position that I am very excited about. I love MSO because it gives a diverse group of students’ some great opportunities to expand their professional network and explore more career options. For young people that largely don’t know what they want to do upon graduation, MSO is a wonderful place to explore and network with your peers.”


Josh Hero

Joshua Hero
Majors: Finance and Management

“Hi, my name is Josh Hero and I am a Junior double majoring in Finance and Management at Western Michigan University. I became a member of Management Student Organization (MSO) during the Spring of 2017, to become more involved on campus. The reason why I joined MSO was to grow my network, develop personally and enhance my leadership skills. Being a member of MSO has helped me to grow as individual and communicate more effectively. One day I hope to own my own business as I will take the skills learned from this organization and apply them to real-life situations. MSO is a great opportunity for students to expand their social network and take advantage of all the great opportunities that will benefit one after graduation.”


Grace Biddinger
Major: Management

“Hello! My name is Grace Biddinger and I am a 3rd year Business Management student helping MSO grow by serving as the Events Coordinator for the 2018/19 school year. I transferred to Western in the Fall of 2017 from Jackson College in Jackson, MI, where I did two years of General Studies before deciding my major. Coming into one of the top business schools in Michigan with little business savvy, I was nervous that I would be way behind in my professional skills and knowledge compared to others my age. So, I made it a goal to seek out people and student organizations where I could grow and network with students who were more experienced than I. And I found exactly what I was searching for, and more, through joining MSO. Within two months of being part of MSO, I learned so much by meeting and talking with business employers, made many great friends and connections, and I even landed an interview and later an internship with one of the companies I had met through MSO! I never would have had a successful interview and gotten my internship without having had help from my connections at MSO. My friends helped me with everything from picking out a professional outfit, to practicing interview questions and refining my resume. I am so glad I did not have to do all those things on my own. Being able to build life-long relationships with the members of MSO, and increase my confidence through developing leadership and communication skills is part of why I love MSO.”

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